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Adrian Grand

With my mother, I started practicing Yoga at an early age.
I completed my first Hatha Yoga certification when I was 18 years old.
In 2017 I completed 200 hours in Restorative Alignment. The course was taught by Brigitte Longueville, creator of the BackMitra and David McAmmond. Both teachers are recognized worldwide for their contributions to Yoga. In 2019 I completed 80 hours in Advanced Restorative Alignment with Paola Martinez.
In January 2018, I took the workshop “The Art of Sequencing” with Akenara on the practice of Yoga with Vinyasa.
For the last two years, I have traveled to Guadalajara to study Iyengar Yoga with Paul King and Chantal Gomez. I had the opportunity to learn from Abhijata Iyengar at her 5 days Intensive in Cocoyoc, 2019. It was an unforgettable experience.
In my yoga classes, I often work with material such as the BackMitra, bolsters, belts, blankets, etc … Yoga props are fun, they offer endless possibilities to explore Asanas, body and mind. I enjoy teaching Yoga and sharing the benefits that this practice has brought to my life.

Alexey Gonzalez

Hola mi nombre es alexey González torres tengo más de 15 años en la industria del fitnes Amo lo que hago porque los instructores tenemos el poder de cambiar vidas emocional y físicamente.
El baile es una de las mejores formas de eliminar el Stress, mejora la coordinación la condición física la postura y el estado anímico.

Alma Hernandez

Been practicing Yoga for over 15 years, my first approach was towards Meditation, then my interest in Asana came.
Took a Meditation course in Raja Yoga at the Raja Yoga Meditation Center in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.
Did a Buddhist Mahayana Meditación course at Kopan Monastery in Nepal , Kathmandu and did my Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training @ Centered Yoga now called Samahita Reatreat in Koh Samui , Thailand , Paul Dallaghan was my Teacher.
I have spend many years and continue my Yoga Education attending workshops with several world class Teachers such as Petri Raisanen, Laruga Glasser, Aline Fernandez, Wayne Kressner etc.
My practice is Ashtanga inspired but I also Parctice Restorative Yoga.
In my practice I also include Breathwork.
I am very Grateful for the Yoga Practice as is continuously transforming and improving my Life , my Soul and my Body from the inside out

Barbie Zyrkowski

Certified pilates and fitness instructor.


HOLA! I’m Elisa and I am a 500 hour registered yoga teacher. Yoga is my passion, my religion, my release, and my lifestyle. My first introduction to the practice was at the age of 9 when my Mum had scheduled private yoga lessons for my dad, brother, her and I weekly. But it was not until the early months of 2017 that I reintroduced a more consistent practice into my daily life. And then several months after, I found myself in Bali, Indonesia for a 200 hour Hatha-Vinyasa teacher training course at the Power Of Now Oasis. I began teaching weekly classes at a yoga shala in Napa California immediately following my return. My passion for this practice led me to India in October of 2019 where I completed my 300 hour Vinyasa training course with a focus on Ashtanga Adjustments at Kranti Yoga in Goa. I love discovering and challenging the body to flow through unknown territories with mindfulness and compassion towards its limitations. With me, you’ll find the secret dance within your soul that is expressed when the breath becomes the conductor. I strive towards creating a safe and comfortable environment that will keep my students smiling and on their toes!

Erin Crookbain

I am Erin Crookbain the proud owner of Cabo yoga and Fitness. Opening a Yoga fitness studio has been a dream of mine for years now.
I have been a very active person my whole life and know how important it is. Also the older I get the more I have gotten into mediation and yoga. These practices have changed my life for the better that is why I wanted to open a studio with everything that I feel is important for your mind body and soul. Fitness, dance, yoga, meditation and eating healthy are key for me to be a healthy happy individual. I invite you to come to my studio and feel the benefits I am talking about. We are the creators of our own life so please Come into the studio and feel it for yourself. See you all at Cabo Yoga and Fitness!!


Gosia is a passionate student and teacher of yoga, who has been introduced to this practice while studying psychology in Europe and from that day onwards it has became a part of her everyday life. She has fell deeply in love with the fluidity and peacefulness of mind, body and spirit that came with her asana and pranayama practice as well as the simple joy and bliss that she finds while moving and strengthening the body. After moving to Australia, she has finished her 200hr and 500hr Teacher Training in Byron Yoga Centre in Byron Bay, followed by additional 300 hours of training. She is also a Certified Fitness Instructor since 2017 after completing her studies on the Gold Coast. My mission is to guide others towards finding their own inner light during the flow, as I believe that each and every one of us has a purpose we can reconnect with through the practice of mindfulness. During my classes, I love combining a vinyasa based practice to build warmth, stability and strength within the body with calming long holds at the end to release the physical tension and relax the mind. When I’m away from my mat, you can find me in the warm sunshine by the ocean with a cup of coffee in my hand surrounded by people I love, surfing or hiking. See you on the mat!

Ingrid Aglae

Discovered yoga a couple of years ago out of curiosity. After my first class I was so conscious of what was going on around me that I instantly knew this was the path I was destined to follow.

Shortly after my first class I started my certification with the International Association of Yoga Yoghism (AIYY) in Monterrey and later in La Paz. Now I continue nurturing my knowledge by attending to workshops to deepen my knowledge and taking classes from different teachers around the world.

My classes primarily consist of Vinyasa and Hatha sequences full of movement, creativity and challenges, always taking into account our breath.

Leeah Collins Gaudry

My name is Leeah Collins Gaudry, I’ve gratefully Lived 19 Years in Cabo San Lucas and was born in San Jose del Cabo. I’ve led a healthy lifestyle since I was 16 and continue to find new ways to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

My yoga journey begun when I was 17, as I started reading up and following yoga flows on YouTube. I never would have imagined the life-changing journey this has become, the hearts I’d touch, the wounds I’d help mend, the physical and emotional benefits yoga has gifted me with and the support of beautiful communities!

I love every style of yoga, but my heart is set on Hatha, Restorative and Vinyasa flow. I continue to water this tree that keeps on giving by assisting Hridaya retreats, learning from fellow yoguis, staying true to my practice and learning from everyone who flows with me on their mats.

Micaela Ronri

Me llamo Michelle Morales y soy instructora fitness. Estudié licenciatura en danza así como varias certificaciones como step, Zumba, TRX, Power Jump, Pilates Mat, Barre, entre otras. Mi pasión, más que la danza, es hacer ejercicio, es llevar mi cuerpo al limite, hacerlo trabajar y sudar. Me encanta probar nuevas técnicas, aprender nuevos ejercicios y siempre estoy buscando nuevas certificaciones que tomar.
Me encanta mi trabajo porque te vuelves un ejemplo a seguir de tus alumnos. Mi objetivo siempre es transmitirles mi pasión por el ejercicio y por llevar un estilo de vida saludable.

My name is Michelle Morales and I am a fitness instructor. I studied a degree in dance as well as several certifications such as step, Zumba, TRX, Power Jump, Pilates Mat, Barre, among others. My passion, more than dance, is to exercise, to take my body to the limit, make it work and sweat. I love trying new techniques, learning new exercises and I am always looking for new certifications to take.
I love my job because you become a role model for your students. My goal is always to convey my passion for exercise and for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Michelle Alvarez

I have been working in the fitness industry over 8 years.

I’m a personal trainer but my main focus has been Spinning and group exercise classes based around cardio and endurance.

Fitness is my passion and I always want to transmit it to others.

My greatest satisfaction is to change physically and mentally my customers life’s

I love what I do and to have the opportunity to share my knowledge. I am very strict and demanding in everything I do and I always fight to achieve my goals and try to stay positive.
My classes are very challenging and full of energy.

Michelle Slade

Michelle Slade graduates from the University of Calgary in 1999 and began a 15 year career as a high school math teacher. She had never put health and fitness first, and finally decided to take a yoga and pilates fusion class as a way to reduce stress and get in shape. She loved the class so much, she decided to join the Calgary Pilates Centre to take more classes using the pilates machines. It didn’t take long for Michelle to realize that she needed to become an instructor. In 2010, she became a certified STOTT PILATES Instructor, and continues to take courses yearly. She is also certified in Total Barre through her pilates training.
During this time she began taking Bikram yoga classes, and loved the sweat and the intense discipline of the practice. Michelle attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles in the fall of 2011. She has taught in many places including Calgary, Hawaii, Dublin, Palm Desert and Los Angeles.
In 2014 Michelle spent 6 months in Honolulu, practicing pilates and yoga, and taking a 200 Hour RYT Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training. She felt it was time to learn other disciplines of yoga, and challenge her body and mind in different ways.
With so much training under her belt, Michelle is excited to share her passion for yoga and pilates in beautiful Los Cabos. She feels so grateful to do what she loves in this amazing space, meet new friends and be a part of your wellness journey

Tico Corvea

Estudios: Escuela Nacional de Artes de Cuba
Carrera profesional: Bailarín de Espectáculos Musicales , coreógrafo e instructor deportivo Coreógrafo y entrenador del equipo de gimnasia rítmica des estado de yucatan Bailarín del Ballet de la televisión cubana
Bailarín de compañía artística de grupo Coca-Cola
Instructor de Barre y Rumba

Name: Roberto Fresneda

Studies: National School of Arts of Cuba
Professional career: Dancer of Musical Shows, choreographer and sports instructor Choreographer and coach of the gymnastics team of the state of Yucatan Ballet dancer of Cuban television
Dancer of artistic company of Coca-Cola group
Barre and Rumba instructor

Veronica Fuentes

My Yoga journey started in 2009.
Inspired to lead a balanced and stress-free lifestyle, I joined a meditation and Hatha Yoga group. It was then when I became more self-aware by discovering the physical practice of Yoga.
In 2012, I traveled to India to become a certified Yoga Instructor.
A few years later, in 2016, I had the opportunity to return to India to practice Ashtanga at KPJAYI (Krishnamacharya Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute), where I also became certified in Ayurveda and Nutrition. Inspired by the teachings of the lineage of Sri Ramana Maharashi at Hridaya Yoga, I decided to continue my self-discovery at Sri Raman Ashram in the Mountains of Arunachala.
Through this journey of teaching yoga, I have faced cases of diagnosed people with physical distress. In order to understand more each individual situation and adapt their yoga practice to specific needs, I decided to certify myself in “Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Yoga Therapeutic” by Fisiom Yoga, wich I completed in July 2019.
My classes are focused on body alignment, breathing, finding mindful ways of movement and allowing a proper flow of energy while building body strength and flexibility. Yoga has changed my life in a positive manner, and I am grateful to be able to share my insight with others and help them discover the benefits of finding a balance between body, mind and spirit. I am a true believer that finding this balance is essential to attain optimal health and well-being.
I have had the pleasure of attending workshops and practice sessions hosted by :
Mark Robberds, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., October 2015 / Wayne Krasner, Cabo San Lucas,
B.C.S., July 2016 & May 2019 / Kino McGregor, Thailand, August 2018 / Petri Raisanen, Cabo.